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I will post info here on new photo shoots!

Getting your headshots can bevthe best selling tool that you will
ever have.  You HAVE to have these when you go on auditions, and your
agent needs them to send out with their packages when Casting Directors
call for talent!
Headshots can be B/W or Color.  Most are going to Color now!
   A very special Headshot photo session to be held in March.  This is a 2 for 1 session!  

 You will get 2 photographers for the price of one!  Cost is $125 total!  Email now to get on this list!  Only a small # will be able to get this once a year special and special price! 2 changes of clothes!

Hair and makeup CAN be provided, but at an additional cost!


Click this link to see sample photos of our photo shoot!

Here is another link for more photos!

If you are wanting photos to complete a comp card, I would suggest that you get a "portfolio" photo session.  This session includes 4 changes of outfits, as well as a change for a "character" look. 


Models are usually the ones
that go with a portfolio. 
However, there are actors
out there that like to show
a different look
than your regular headshot





If you are looking for a good rate on your
headshots or portfolio, just email me.  I can
direct you to the right photographer, AND
I can give you some tips on what colors not
to wear, and what clothes not to wear!
Photos can cost from $300 and up, depending
on if you get just headshots, or if you want
a portfolio.  Some photographers charge each
time you want a change of clothes, and others
offer you a flat rate with 2-4 changes!
I can help you make that decision!  So, email me! 
I have low rates on the photography sessions that I do!
Email me and ask for rates!