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This page is dedicated to all my friends and special angels!


Angel art by Josephine Wall

In this day and time, it seems to be very hard at having friends that you can depend on.  I thank my heavenly father for life, love, family and friends!  This life has been good to me, but it has been better because I have the following people in my life who have helped me in some way or the other.
Your love and support has been greatly appreciated.  Please know that you are always in my heart and in my prayers!  Thanks for everything!  Without you, I would not be where I am today!
1) My special friend, from Twin Falls, Idaho.......KEN F.
Thank you Ken for everything!  I met you while I was the Casting Director on BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS, starring Bruce Willis, Nick Nolte, Barbara Hershey, Glenne Hedley, Omar Epps and others!  Your humor and kindness will never be forgotten!  Keep the medicine going at the pharmacy! (last name not listed)  But YOU know who you are, Ken!! 
2)  My close friends, Juleigh Ed and AJ Hodges, Morganton, NC
You have been close to my heart since 1993!  Juleigh, you are a people person!  You pull the best out in everyone!  AJ is your rock and the best cook ever!!! You are the best, and finally, after all of this hard work, things are beginning to happen.
3) My lovely friends, Karen and Keva Keyes!
I love you both dearly!  You have always shown me kindness throughout everything I have ever done!  I have trusted you with anything and know that you will always be there!
4) My good friends, Berly and Baby!
We really got close real fast, didn't we!???  Thanks for being there throughout thick and thin!  Yes, finally, things are going to happen!  You KNOW what I mean!
5)  My "ATAB" family!
Thanks to all my friends that I have made on the film, A TALE ABOUT BOOTLEGGING!  We have had some good and rough times!  But, we have held it together!  You all know who you are!  ( Nancy, Debbie, Laura, Christie, Deanna, Bruce, Sonny, David, Phil, Doc, the Foxes, Audrey, Lee, French, Dale, and everyone else)Thanks so much!
6) To Sharon and Kayla
You have helped me through a lot as well as in family situations. Thanks for everything!  I couldn't have done it without you!
7) My friend, Deena!
You know, we seem to have drifted apart, but I feel I can call you when I need you and you will be there!  Thanks for everything!
8) My friend Sheila!
Thanks for being there on a moments notice!  Gosh, you saved me when I needed it most!
9) Edgar Smith!
My friend Edgar!  I "discovered" you MANY years ago in an acting class in Charlotte.  You were one of five that I chose to come and audition for a movie.  LOOK AT YOU NOW!!  Yes, you are a NATIONAL ACT!  You have brought joy to many faces and many lives!  You have been there for me when I needed it most!  There are not many out there that people can count on, but I KNOW that you are one that will be there for me whenever I need it most!  Love ya, Edgar!
10) Melvyn Wallace
Melvyn, you are another precious person to me.  You have always been there also, and you started with me many years ago!  Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for all your help!
11) Sheila Dobbins
Sheila.....gosh, what can I say?  We met under some stressful circumstances...but I know that our heavenly father brings people in our lives for a reason.  You have been there to help me when I needed to have an assistant for one thing or the other!  All I had to do was call and you were there!  Thanks so much!!
12)  Sharlease Collier
Sharlease, my special friend!  Thanks for all your support over the years!  I know you will be there in a moment's notice!
13) My daughter!
Tiffany, you are such a blessing for any mother!  You have grown up to be such a beautiful, loving daughter and mother!  You have 2 beautiful children, whom I adore!  You are strong willed and you can make anything happen, yourself.  Keep up the good work, and thanks for being you! 
14) Last, but not husband and my sister and family...
My husband, Joe,  is my rock.  You have been there for me through thick and thin.  You have always supported me, even when I needed to be out of town for 4 months or longer, while I went to work on a movie!  I have been blessed to have you as my husband and I thank our heavenly father everyday for you!
15) For my is just you and me now!  You and I have grown closer, and I am thankful to have you!  Thank you for everything and the encouraging words!
Thanks to everyone!  There are so many people to list! I may continue to add more to this list as I sit and think of others that have helped me on my path to success!  You all have helped me and made it possible!

To my newest friend, Nancy Weinhagen......
Thanks so much for being here when I needed help!  Without your vibrant and
happy go lucky ways, life sure wouldn't be as much fun!  If laughter will make you live longer, then we will be alive forever!  (Yes, in spirit too!)
Thanks to you and Charles for all the support and of course the jelly and the lemon pound cake! 
To Harry and Terri Welch!  What can I say?  Our business relationship has really grown into a great personal friendship too!  Looks like things are happening big time for us, and it is ABOUT TIME!  We have worked hard to make all of this happen!  Thanks so much for everything and yes, God works in mysterious ways!
I am so thankful and blessed for you to have me a "part of your team", to help you produce your first film, "THE MILL"!!  As you said, "Well I just put some things down on paper, and LOOK.....all these people are working on my film"!!
Yes, Harry, I do believe it will be a great success!  We had a wonderful cast,
as well as our "multimillion dollar crew"!  I am looking forward to working on "CABIN # 3 in the Spring of 2006"!  Thanks for everything!!!
To my dear friend, Paul!
I can't thank you enough for caring enough to keep me in mind with things that  you are doing.
As you said, "THE BOSS" is the ONE that will bring everything together for us.
You have been through so much, and your wonderful spirit keeps holding on.
I know that with "THE BOSS", all things are possible.
Thank you for being a light in my life!
To My Special Friend, Ralph S Singleton!
Gosh! What can I say on this one???!!!  
I am so thankful that you have taken me "under your wing" to teach me the "ropes" of being a Producer! 
Without you, I would not have made it this far!  Thanks for taking the time to care enough to help me out!
We have made our first film together, "THE MILL", and I KNOW it will be a HUGE SUCCESS!  I know I still have a long way to go to learn all the "producing things", but I couldn't have done it without your support!  Thanks a million!
To my friend, Grainger Hines
Thanks so much for being a part of THE MILL!  With your directing skills
and your wonderful way with the actors, we surely have a great picture!
I am glad that I could make it happen for you to be with us!
Thanks again, Honey Bunny!!! (ha!)
This is a very special thanks to my new found "family", of Nikki Sue and Troy!
What a blessing that God has brought us together!
We know what big things are in store for us, because we have CLAIMED it
in Jesus' name!
I am so thankful, and I know that this year is going to be the best ever!
We have so far to go and such a short time to get there, but we will be
moving fast and sleeping just a little here and there, because there are great
things in store for us!
Thanks so much for your support and your trust in me!
I wanted to also give a shout out of THANKS to CHERYL!  Without you, I would never know what is going on and what I need to change!  DUH!  Thanks for being there!

Look out 2007, here we come!