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This page is dedicated to upcoming auditions, casting calls and open calls for actors and extras, for movies, commercials, print, videos, and industrials.  I will post information on productions that I am working on, as well as posting other information for projects that I am not working on, FYI!
Please check this site also, as I have info on there too:


This is posted FYI only!  * I am not working on this*

EXTRAS for Season 5 - One Tree Hill
Location: Wilmington, NC

If you have not submitted your photo and contact info to Fincannon & Assoc., please stop by between the hours of 10am-2pm if you would like to be an extra on One Tree Hill. Or if you need to update picture or contact info.

Fincannon & Associates, Inc

Located at Screen Gems Studios
1235 N. 23rd Street
Wilmington , NC  28405
Phone: (910) 251-1500

EXTRAS for Season 5 - One Tree Hill
Location: Wilmington, NC








To check on upcoming auditions and news in NC/SC:
Click on NEWS
"THE MILL" has wrapped. 
The Mill
Forever Young Productions
PO Box 5039
Salisbury, NC  28147
Executive Producer: Maxann Crotts-Harvey
Executive Producer/Original Screenplay: Harry Welch, Jr
Producer: Ralph S Singleton
Director: Grainger Hines
Robert Rainbolt
Leah Marie Parker
Austin Hines
Tiffany LeShai
Austin James
Kelly Ray
Catori Swann
Blaire Welch
and David Byars as "Stud Muffin"
Check it out!

Casting information and/or production information on any of the projects we are working on will be posted as soon as I have more information. 




Cabin #3
Executive Producer: Maxann Crotts-Harvey
Original Screenplay: Harry Welch, Jr
Stay tuned for audition info!

Special THANKS to our sponsors for


Hampton Inn in Salisbury, NC!!


Little Big Clothing


Pointer Brand

The town of LANDIS, NC

Fred Steen

Terry Osborne

Gary Davis, CPA

Cherathee Hager

Pat Marsh

Randy and Plant #24 in Landis, NC

Sara McCubbins



Thanks so much for all of those who have worked on A TALE ABOUT BOOTLEGGING!
We have had a lot of fun! 
Check out some photos and info:
Thanks to our sponsors too!
The town of Saluda, NC
The town of Boone, NC
The town of Trade, TN
The town of Morganton, NC
The town of Gastonia, NC
Spencer, NC Train Museum
DAYS INN of Columbus, NC
DAYS INN of Morganton, NC
Hampton Inn of Boone, NC
Comfort Suites of Boone, NC
Quality Inn of Boone, NC
Comfort Suites of Salisbury, NC
Corrine Gerwe
Jacquie Ziller-Director of Polk County Tourism
Laura Fields
Mr Pace
Saluda Grade Cafe
Wards Grill
Frank & Amy's Coffee Bar
Mort Farris
Kangaroo Products
Green Park Inn in Boone, NC
Poco Rhythm Retreat and Spa
Poco Rhythm Crew
Saluda Police Department
Elizabeth Sher
Paul Carney

Check out the Workshops and New Projects page so see what is happening!
Look for upcoming projects on this site!  We will post who is casting and where the casting for our projects will be. 
Is there a special project that you would like to see made?  What about an actor that you would like to see make it.  Email us and let us know what you think!  What do you want, who would you like to see?  I mean LOCAL TALENT, not someone that is already famous.  Tell us who and what and why!
Archives of previous projects:
Thanks to everyone on A TALE ABOUT BOOTLEGGING!  We had lots of fun!  I met a lot of wonderful people!  Thanks for helping us make this a success!
WOW!  What an awesome experience in filming the teaser-trailer, TUFF LOVE!
We had a great cast, and everyone seemed to have a great time!
We got to know the cast and parents and everyone was a "team player"!
Thanks for a great job, cast!  OD, BJ, Baby Lace, Brittany, Thomas, Amber, Aaron, Warkim, Napolean, JoAnna, Antonio, our new thugs (please let us hear from you!), Rachel, ALL THE DANCERS were so awesome, it was unbelievable.....wonderful, fantastic!!!!!!!!  PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH!
All the cast and crew were just fabulous,,,,,and thanks to all the parents who helped out!!!!!!if I forgot to put your name on here, please forgive me!!!!  Just email me and remind me......
Thanks to Dale Gould for being at our beckoning call and taking care of Dean Sams!!! Dean was wonderful, such a cut up and pleasing to be around!! Dean could have his own comedy show with no problem!  SO, if any of you have a comedic script, please let us know!! 
Thanks also to Sharlease Collier and Lyrissa Safford, couldn't have done it without you!!!  Rodney Neely and John for all your hard work.... and to Mauldin High School, for all their support!
We also want to thank our sponsors:
Amerisuites in Greenville, and Super 8 in Mauldin, for the wonderful hotel rooms; Stax, Carson's Country Kitchen, Mutt's BBQ for the fabulous food!!!!!  YUMMY!!!!!
Everyone was a hard worker, now we move on to the editing stage!
We hope everyone will keep in touch!  We want to know what is going on with you!
Thanks again, from myself, Joint-Heir Media and Boykins Boy Productions!

                                                   Future Auditions
We will be producing more movies in the near future.
Please keep checking into this website for more info!!!!